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Umi's Love. In Arabic, Umi means " My Mother". A mother can be any woman that nurtures herself and others. A mother does not have to birth a child to be a mother.

Intentionally made with lots of love with pink being the representation of universal love fused with blue (peace and the throat chakra), black (stability, wealth), purple (creativity, imagination for royalty and the crown chakra) and a tinge of yellow (optimism and the solar plexus). Ideally made for small plants, if you want to welcome more love into your environment, don’t delay, get your piece today!

This piece features:

Drainage hole

Terracotta/ earthenware

Measurement: 5.5 inches

Umi's Love

  • Customized items are final, however, if you need to make a return on non customized items we would be happy to oblige you with a refund or exchange.  Returns must be made within 28 days after the date of purchase. 

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