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It’s like taking a video, doing a video remix. BT: How did you get started in audio and looping? J.D.: I started out doing design and worked with video art and net art and things like that. In 2005, I started teaching at USC and I was trying to figure out what I was going to do for a living and figured out I wanted to make music. I didn’t want to be a designer anymore. I didn’t want to be a musician anymore. I wanted to just make music. BT: What made you decide to do this? J.D.: I was talking to my best friend at the time. We were like, “Man, I just love music, but I’m not getting any more gigs or anything.” And then he said, “Well, you can make your own record, and you don’t have to be a musician.” I thought that was pretty interesting. I knew that was possible, but I never really thought it would be possible to use audio for art. I kind of figured out how to make music with computer technology. BT: Tell me about how you make your music. J.D.: I’m using an Ableton Live. I do a lot of looping. For the past five years, I’ve used a Reeltime app on my phone. I’m using the 3rd G to make music. I’m making beats. BT: How do you find your loop? J.D.: I use my phone to record sounds or to record things I’m hearing and start looping it. I do a lot of work with music, sound and looping. BT: You’ve made songs with Black Sheep? J.D.: Yeah. The last song I did was called “Walk the Line,” which I made in the last year. I make an instrumental with instrumentation. I did a song with three sample artists. I made it in one night with sample artists I found on YouTube. It was so much fun, man. It was so easy. BT: Do you do a lot of collaborations? J.D.: I’m doing a lot of collaborations now. I’m working on a lot of soundtracks. BT: How did you




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Le Avventure Di Bianca E Bernie Torrent DVDRipiTALiAN deavpan

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