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Feeling SAD?

Holidays can really be an emotional doozy for many dealing with grief. The Holidays reminds us of our blessings and reminds us of those that are no longer here with us on our journey of life. It's very common for moods to decline when the temperatures drop . You can feel energetically low and depressed and not want to do anything. Which is understandable because you're not feeling like yourself. Seasonal Affective Disorder affects 1 in 3 people when the temperatures cool. SAD can look like lethargy, irritability and lack of interest to name a few. If you're experiencing any of these traits, you may be SAD.

Unlike bears we humans don’t get the leisure to hibernate from winter until the temps thaw and lose almost half of our body fat. (LOL) Could you imagine how well rested we would feel and how healthy we would look and how cheerful we would be if we had that option?

There are several things one can do to boost their mood this autumn and winter. Americans spend up to 93% of their time at home; which makes sense that our home life informs our health, wellness and mood. Our living environment should feel like a vibe, a semblance of creative outlets that allows unique touches to foster positive energy and peace.

Some people spend a lot of time with our family and friends while others may spend a significant amount of time alone during the colder months. We’re not as motivated to start our day when we’re snuggled under the covers trying to stay warm and cozy. It’s more common for motivation to wane during these times. However, making a few tweaks and adjustments at home can help keep you on track until warm air and sunny skies appear again.

Something as simply adding more pops of bright color can make spaces feel and look less sterile. There is power in color, it can be considered a natural mood booster. Feeling happy when seeing bright colors led me on my quest to learn about the psychology of color called Chromotherapy. We all have connections to certain colors, choosing to adorn your home with accents of bright color can do wonders for your mood. The right bright color(s) can enhance moods.

Switching out your mundane outlet cover or light switch cover can be a great way for you to add pops of color while allowing you to uniquely express your creativity. I often pause when turning on a light or plugging in a cord to stare at the colors. It also provides me a few seconds to disconnect from the world and appreciate how grateful I am to be able to see colors.

Indoor plants can be a great way to purify the air and bring life and beauty to spaces. I currently have over 25 plants in my home at this moment. This is the first time that I have been able to keep that many alive at one time. Funny thing is,I don’t have a green thumb but I do choose low maintenance plants like low light plants. Low maintenance does not mean poor quality. I house my plants in their one of one handmade eclectic planter so they standout. I call it plant swag. My plants need swag too.

Lastly, flowers, flowers, flowers. Buying yourself a bouquet of flowers can bring joy and spruce up the energy in your space. Purchasing the best flowers for your budget and displaying them in a vase where you share a common space with your family or you can keep them all to yourself. Totally up to you. Investing in a vase for your budget is cool too, an ornate jar or pitcher works as well. The objective is to enjoy the bright pops of colors in your spaces.

At Breuchkelen ( pronounced Brooklyn) Eclectic we curate intentional home decor accents such as planters, outlet covers and vases using the psychology of color called Chromotherapy to elevate and enhance the energy on the planet one space at a time. Wellness begins at home. How are you going to add more wellness to your home?

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