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What happens when you practice gratitude?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Who knew that expressing gratitude could have such a positive impact on one’s life.

Every day, during my daily gratitude reflections, I write or say “ I am a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same time. Expressing gratitude has taught me that there is a higher power greater than myself. What happens when you practice gratitude?

Doors and opportunities constantly present themselves. Being grateful emits or gives off positive vibes that encourage others to gravitate towards you and the next thing you know the opportunities are pouring in.

Gratitude must be intentional

In 2012, by divine intervention, I came across the Magic by Rhonda Byrne. I was on a flight to Las Vegas with my friends for spring break. This was my first long flight so I wasn’t prepared at all. I purchased a few magazines that I thumbed through quickly, but I still had over three more hours before we landed. I borrowed the book from my friend P to burn some time.

It happened to be her sister’s book and by the end of the trip, I was purchasing her sister a new book.

While reading the text, I was reminded of the benefits of gratitude. For 28 days, I kept a gratitude journal chronicling all of the blessings and things that I wanted to manifest. The best decision that I ever made. I created a new positive habit.

Here I am 8 years later and about 15 to 16 gratitude journals in. I’m living, growing, and morphing into a new and more loving version of myself every day. Keeping these gratitude journals for my records provides room for self-reflection.

You can use a gratitude journal to capture your dreams, your needs, your wants, and your desires. You can also track your health goals, partnership, and spiritual goals. It’s a way of holding yourself accountable for the life that you are currently living and manifesting.

Keeping a gratitude journal was a saving grace for me. It was gratitude that taught me to be humble and to be thankful. It was gratitude that taught me that when you are grateful, you welcome more things to be grateful for.

Talk about blessings on blessings on blessings!

Increase in Self-love and love for others

Practicing gratitude increases self-love and your love for others. It raises your vibration and frequency on the planet. They say that your vibe attracts your tribe and that everything is energy.

If you’re surrounded by complainers don’t be surprised when you find yourself complaining. If you’re surrounded by those who are optimistic, you will find yourself shifting your perspective and seeing things more optimistically. The key is to identify and to adjust your surroundings accordingly. Remember, when we complain we welcome more things to complain about and when we are optimistic we welcome more things to be optimistic about.

We may not always be able to control our surroundings. However, the next time you find yourself in a complaining dynamic, shift the conversation by asking “ what is working for you? You may have to ask yourself this very same question from time to time.

Making a few minutes a day to take an account of all of your blessings by writing them down can increase your mood, thus lifting your vibration. I begin my gratitude statements with the two words I am. I read somewhere that they are the most powerful words in the world and the words that follow them will either enhance or diminish what you are wanting to manifest or welcome in your life.

As a former NYC Public school teacher, there were many instances in which I incorporated gratitude into my classroom practices. Once a week, at the end of the week we would go around the room and say one thing that we were grateful for. This was my opportunity to remind my teenage students that although life may not be the way they would like, there are still so many things to be grateful for.

I always noticed a lightness in the classroom after we shared it. I would often see a smile appear or a frown disappear. There is power in giving gratitude.

Being positive is something to strive for daily. Some days will be easier than others but taking the time to write in a gratitude journal, listening to positive affirmations, practicing yoga, and sitting still to meditate is a no-pressure approach to recalibrate and reshift your focus on your blessings. By doing this, you are reminded of the benefits of having an attitude of gratitude. Finding ways to recalibrate and reshift will look different for everyone, the key is to find what speaks to you and what works for you and do that.

Be kind to yourself and as my yoga homie Edna says “ Give yourself some grace.”

We are all a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same damn time!


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