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Happy New You!

Happy New Year beautiful soul. May this year and every year supersede your expectations. Today may be a few days into January or a warm afternoon in September, the choice is yours.

You can begin anew anytime you feel like it and you don’t have to base it on a traditional date on the calendar or you can. Who cares!?

In fact, every day is an opportunity to begin anew, so in all actuality, one can claim Happy New Year anytime they want, that way there is no pressure or angst to fulfill goals and resolutions within an impossible timeline. I heard someone say, “ If you want to hear a joke, tell God Your plans.” I can’t help but agree. Too often we set these rigid timelines to perform tasks and goals without keeping in mind that our Higher Power’s time is not our time.

Yes to writing down the S.M.A.R.T. goals and creating those vision boards to manifest the desires of our heart. It’s important to daydream, meditate and dream big. However, it is more important to be flexible with when and how these desires will manifest before our eyes. It usually comes into fruition when and while we’re working on other goals. We must keep creating goals and opportunities to manifest.

We must also be kind to ourselves and patient and understand that some manifestations happen sooner than others. It’s normal to feel discouraged when the things that we want haven’t happened.

My late grandmother used to always say “ what God has in store for you is for you and you only.” Knowing this, I accept that what is for me will never pass me by. I also accept that some of the things that I desire may not be for me this lifetime and I’m cool with that too.

Think about taking a bite of your favorite fruit but it's unripe. Now think about taking a bite of your favorite ripened fruit. What a difference a few days make. The same way we have patience with our unripened fruit transitioning to ripened fruit is the same patience we must exercise when waiting for the desires of our heart to be unearthed. There is sweetness in patience. The obstacles will come, that's where the courage to change what we can come into play. We can’t redo yesterday or the day before but we can recalibrate, refresh and restart as many times as we want because this is our choice and we said so.

May each day be our new year and new opportunity to step into becoming the greatest version of ourselves.

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